Truth that Heals a Troubled Heart

troubled heart

I want to share one last post reflecting on the recent passing of my mother.

Monday, I had the blessing of preaching at her funeral service.  I shared with those gathered from John 14, some of Jesus’ last words to His disciples.  He began the discourse by saying, “Don’t let your heart be troubled.” Jesus wanted them to know some truths that would set their hearts at ease.

I will miss my mother greatly, but only temporarily since I know I will see her again n heaven.  She and my dad provided a Christian home for our family where I learned the precious promises of God’s Word.

Truth for the Troubled Heart

Because of four things found in John 14 that my mother taught me, I have a sad but not troubled heart.  I have posted the video excerpt of my sermon below in hopes that it will encourage you as well.  The four truths my momma taught me are true for you as well.  If you believe them and live them, they will bring encouragement to your troubled heart.

Ann Duggan Memorial Service from Jim Duggan on Vimeo.

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