Time Management Done God’s Way

time management

Lately, I’ve read so much about time management that I seem to have no time left to do much else.

I’ve read about taking a few moments at the close of each day to plan the next. Also, I’ve read about the value of planning the next week, month, and even the next year.

I agree wholeheartedly with the writers, and I find I am more effective when I plan. But interruptions occur and often the days do not follow the plans. Other times I am not as diligent and intentional and I waste some of the time I have.

God’s Time Management

As I’ve pondered on the Christmas story this year, I have marveled at what a great time manager God is.   Galatians 4:4 teaches us that the birth of Jesus occurred at precisely the right time in history. Paul refers to it as “the fullness of time.”

Reading the Christmas story again this year, I have noticed the precision timing with which the events took place. God arranged the timing to accomplish His purpose. Nothing happened by accident or coincidence and even the slightest of details fell right into place.

Luke 2 begins with the phrase “in those days.” When Luke spoke of Mary giving birth, he penned a phrase that translates literally, “when the day had been made full.” Christmas is yet another reminder that God is always right on time.

The birth of Jesus happened when the Romans ruled the world. So he could boast of the numbers he ruled, the Emperor Augustus ordered the enrollment of everyone in the empire. His reign was not coincidental, but part of the timing of God to accomplish His plan.

Augustus could have issued the decree earlier or later time. However, his decree caused a young betrothed couple to travel the 70-80 miles from Nazareth to Bethlehem. Otherwise, with a baby on the way, the probably would have not made such a trip.

The Old Testament prophets predicted the Messiah would come from Bethlehem. In God’s timing, He arranged the circumstances to conform to His Word. His timing is impeccable.

God’s Management of Our Times

God’s perfect management of time reminds us that He has a plan to glorify Himself in this world. His plan is right on schedule. Things may seem out of control, but God is not out of control. Coincidences have not delayed Him and circumstances have not hurried Him.

As you reflect on Christmas this year, be sure to thank God that your times are in His hands. (Psalm 31:14-16) You may feel you have waited long enough, but trust God’s time management. God will glorify Himself in your life the best way at the right time.

Hang in there. Your “fullness of time” may be right around the corner.


Questions for Thought

  1. How have I experienced good from God’s delays in the past?
  2. What am I now waiting for God to do in my life?
  3. Just as the people at the time of Jesus’ birth were constantly watching with anticipation for the coming Messiah, in what ways am I eagerly awaiting God to move in my life?

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